• Anti-inflammatory thus, relieves cough, cold and sore throat.
  • Good sugar alternative for people with Diabeties since it has a low glycemic index it keeps the blood sugar levels under check. It cures common diabetes symptoms like excessive thirst and urination.Together, Ajwaeen Honey does not just slow down the rate of sugar released into the blood but also increases the insulin levels in the body.

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Vama Ayurveda  Ajwaeen Honey is 100% natural and sourced directly from beekeepersin the Western Ghats. Enjoy the sweetness of honey and the benefits of Ajwaeen.

Free from adulteration, sugars, pesticides and chemicals. Our Honey is passed through multiple quality checks, ensuring that only the best honey is delivered to you. This dark coloured honey contains the nectar of Ajwaeen flowers which gives it the unique taste.

Benefits of Ajwaeen : From helping manage diabetes, increasing hemoglobin levels to improving kidney function and various skin ailments, Ajwaeen Honey is known for its endless health benefits.

Ingredients: Natural and Pure Honey (No preservative, no adulteration, no processing)


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