Black Forest Honey is jarred for the sophisticated taste buds, its subtle tangy flavour entwining with a thin salty edge. With a deep damp wood aroma that invades your senses, this organic, raw honey gathered from bees buzzing over wild flowers lingers in your mouth and memory long after you have consumed it. Our unfiltered and unprocessed raw Black Forest Honey is an ideal addition to your diet to garner the great health benefits of wild honey with an adventurous twist to the taste!


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  • Raw Black Forest Honey 100% Pure Natural Organic Unheated with No Added Preservatives or Additives | for Nurturing Growing Children and Adults Natural, Unpasteurized, 500g Glass Jar
  • Ideal Usage :- Strengthen Immunity, Overall natural wellbeing / By the spoonful / Dessert topping / Ice Cream / Smoothies / Lathered on warm buttered toast / Dip for fruit / Hot Chocolate / Warm Milk / Sweet treat
  • Ingredients :- 100% PURE NATURAL ORGANIC RAW HONEY
  • Nutrient Content: Nutrition Facts* Per 100g: Energy: 358 Kcals, Total Fat: 0g, Cholesterol: 0g, Protein: 0g, Total Carbohydrate: 90g, *Approximate Values


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